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Porky's Revenge (1985) Porky's Revenge

Porky's Revenge (1985) DVDRip
  • Metai: 1985
  • Šalis: USA. Canada
  • Žanras: Komedija
  • Kalba: Lietuvių Mėgėjiškas. dvibalsis
4.6 6.122
1val. 32min.


Meat. an Angel Beach high school student. picks up a shapely girl when she appears to have broken down by the side of the road; he is. however. shocked when her face doesnt match her figure. Not only that. she turns out to be the daughter of Porky. who has re-opened his nightclub in a Mississippi riverboat. Is this Porkys opportunity for revenge. or will the Angel Beach crowd outwit him once again?


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